Shant We?

Shant we be friends?
You with your cloak and dagger hairdo
Me with my needle and its haystack

Shant we be friends?
You with your wandering eye
Me with my goat and dreams of Lionel Richie

Shant we be friends?
You with the current administration
Me with the the shadows of a lost jug band civilization

Or shall we be enemies?
You with a synchronous pink strobelight
Set on -bang bang-, -stun-, or -shit hits the fan-

Me with the Eagles and hell all freezing over
Armed only with a three-footed fish
And a strong affinity for reprimands

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your haystacked needle shines with a brillance normally reserved for albino monkeys. Long live the lost jug band civilization.

bang bang, stun and the fan hitters
St. Louis, MO.