Played God. Set forth a struggle between foes that stretches back millennia.

Mated regurgitated nectar in its raw state clustered with pollen and wax with two parts hydrogen, one oxygen; the Purifier. The two amalgamate. No longer themselves but reborn as Must.

Simultaneously the mighty K1-V1116,from the kingdom of Fungi also converged with the Purifier and amassed an army. Unlike the delicate meld of the prior this marriage incited riots in the street.

Density. Bound to do my bidding these grand adversaries were forced together to wage my war. At first silent and still. Waiting for the conditions to be right. Slowly in the dark, Saccharomyces cerevisiae gathered strength and began its relentless attack gaining nourishment from each blow. Stronger and more frantic. Their numbers swelled. Turmoil, foam, chaos, bedlam teemed. It went on for weeks until the scale tipped.

Punch. Drunk and spent. The veracity of the battle dwindled, and so the health of the strain. Thousands sacrificed for the grand design. Endurance tested on a epic scale.

Yet neither side prevailed in this endeavor; the culmination needing much time to clear. Eventually the prize for such toil will bloom into a sweet, intoxicating ambrosia fit for the Gods.