Leftovers are haute cuisine?

I thought I smelled tuna.


Is there a dolphin in your pants?
Or are you just happy to see me?



The foamy residue hung to my glass like a loved one
Regrets, longing, thirst

Fuzzy on the edges
Linger for awhile longer


Warm fuzzy

I had a dream to make a sweater out of belly button lint.

Well it's done. I had enough left over to make a pair of mittens. They're nice.


Filthy Freeloaders

The spiders in my house pay no rent. Yet they watch the cable and throw their shit everywhere, and I’m pretty sure one of them has been drinking my beer. I can’t prove anything of course, but the way they avoid eye contact makes me suspicious. Maybe tomorrow I’ll buy a frog. I feel less guilty if something else does the killing. And besides, who doesn't want a nice cuddly frog around.


Your Red Wagon

Uncle Walt and Diamonds,
The last time we were on your farm seems like years ago. We have been many places, many unfarmlike by design, and we have traveled miles without end. You, I imagine, sat on that dusty porch wondering where the hell we ran off to. Well, we were trapped in perpetual red wagon traffic. We're mighty fine here now and so is our superhuman crew. Namaste and fuck yeah to you.

Trivia Jean