I am pretty sure I've gone on in detail somewhere, be it this space or elsewhere, about my lunching habits. Like some, I work at a job. I have a desk and a computer. A lamp too. Around 12:00 noon everyday my tummy rumbles and the only way to appease the gasto-god is to offer sacrifice. I tend to skew most often to bringing vittles from home. And if I am honest, cost is the main determination in this decision. But I also find solstice in that 60 minutes at my desk.

My lunch routine and my reasoning behind it are purely meant as set-up though so please prepare yourself, now that the formalities are behind us, to be shocked and awed. Awed and shocked.

Are you ready for it?

Spoon. Yes I said it. Bam!

No not the indie band that Pitchfork once describes as " a dark horse in an industry that values the easily, tritely categorized; every album was a shift in sound, subtly tweaking prior formulas, distilling an already minimal sound into something even more distant".

I shall melt your mind with the utensil that the dictionary on my computers calls "an implement consisting of a small, shallow oval or round bowl on a long handle, used for eating, stirring, and serving food." Funny that I say "melt your mind" cause some folks claim to be able to melt spoons with their minds. Did you see the cleverness there? No? Oh.

I have decided to spice things up because to me life is not filled solely with grand moments but rather I tend to live within minor revolts and mini movements. Its less messy that way. Along those lines I have decreed that from this day forward all my lunches with be eaten with a spoon. No fork. No knife. No. A spoon.

I'd love to say that I plan to document this journey here with you, but as I said this my revolt. My movement with spoon. So go get your own.