In the last week, I have...

Urinated outdoors at will.
Learned that the Cormorant eats 4.5 lbs of fish a day.
Been stung by a wasp.
Eaten both Bratwurst and Kielbasa.
Napped everyday.
Fixed an outhouse door using parts from a broken outhouse door.
Saw the best shooting star that I have ever seen in my life.
Known the beauty of "Eh!?"
Cursed a Jet Ski.
Caught a fish that was longer than 3 feet in length.
Released it.
Been shown the value of a piece of dried Birch in the fire starting arena.
Cursed an employee of Northwest Airlines.
Seen the Northern Lights.
Laughed outloud at our "Current Administration".
Sat next to a man listening to the Eagles on his iPod.
Had a dream about a "battle of the bands" in which my band placed third.
Woke up happy.
learned to tie a new knot.
Had "Dancing on the ceiling" stuck in my head.
Remembered alot.

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