The token first post: My brother, strong ale, and the Gulf

Last week when I ran into my brother Jay at the bar he was sipping on an ale and munching on some stale pizza. As he dined on the crust, he told me about a Time magazine article he had read. It was an article about a siege in the gulf of Arabia in which the WHIG party (White Heterosexual Irish Gangsters) made a move to drive their enemy, the AX party (Arabian X-patriots) off their bit of land. Like a sly fox the WHIG party had a major break with a move that can only be described as a pogo offense. They flung a log of meat at their opponents. Waco indeed.

In a need not to be out done the AX party countered with a grenade that consisted of a mixture of tofu and poi. This was their yin, to the WHIG's yang. Alas it was a dud.

So as AX pined like a baby to their ma, a drastic change occurred. A tini collection of Ewe people from Ghana arrived. Often compared to the Mars rover, the Ewe confronted the warring parties and made them see the error of their ways. To insure no hard feelings the groups sat around with stong ale, a game of Scrabble, and paints.


w.j. DeBalt said...

when will the AX learn? Tofu & poi, although quite an interesting blend and a long time favorite in the vegetarian bombing community, makes for a sub par grenade. Unless, of course, you follow the grenading with a pack of lick-happy herbivores... Which I am guessing didnt happen here.

May I be the first to welcome your cubby hand to the all-night dance party that is PF. This is a pot luck dance party, so I hope you left your dish to pass in the car... you should go get it now. Go on, go get it.

kentucky smooth said...

One note about the potluck, no Tofu or Poi. I too welcome you to this festival of literary debauchery.

SmithJ said...

May AX pine like a baby to YOUR ma. Welcome to the ma-sharingest fiasco your mama's ever known.