Thomas Edison: Son of El Alacran

Is it any wonder jello is made from horse hooves? Is it any wonder there is a space-missle silo buried in the Rocky Mountains and under your rose garden? Is it any wonder there are tiny little maggots living in the pores beneath your eyebrows? Fame.

You, sir, are desensitized to wonderment, fantasy, truth, fiasco. Thomas Edison's middle name is Alva, and you don't blink. Alva was his mother's name and your heart beats, thump thump, American Idol, thump thump, ground fault interrupted. Thomas Alva Edison from the magical Mexican City of Durango played soccer in the streets. Streets where the mighty Spanish were forced to sign-in at the door to the New World. On Saturday Thomas Edison swam the English Channel, on Sunday he invented electricity. On Monday he counted his rubles and asked the girls to call him Tommy. And they sang:

Listening to Tom, I hear a hat dance, Mexican
I hear a light switch, coming from Tom
He is inventing
And in Durango, El Alacran

Hail Son of El Alacran! Mighty wizard of sand and stone. Inventor and space aviator, father of a well known Sea Captain. Let the pale faces sweat your name. And let them pay royalties to whomever does your taxes.

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