There is much work to be done

You may have forgotten. You may have moved on to bigger and better.

I have not. This ball of rubber does not build itself.

Home finally from a stressful, yet productive trip I found that the natives no longer were behind the project. Something about poor wages and no heath plan. Honestly I didn't really pay attention. No worries. My eye remains on the prize. Now I could do like most and out-source to China or India but I consider myself a man of integrity. Granted production could be 5 times faster and the volume much larger, but that is not what this is about. It is about bands, and rubber, and balls. Things this country was built on.

So I preserver alone.

To show you though that all my "production" time has not been wasted on communications like this I serve up the photo above as testament to my progress. More updates to follow.

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