Why you looking at my nut?

Dear KY Smooth,

I am glad that the rubber band ball has encompassed your entire being causing you to ponder many things. This was not at all my intent. I really just wanted to make a rubber band ball so I will consider this a happy by-product.

Now on to the bad news...all work has been suspended on said ball of band until the chief engineer returns to the continental United States. Unfortunately the Canadian government views rubber bands like we treat Sars.

Work is scheduled to resume late Wednesday evening and I promise you that your patience will not be in vein.

However I will take this time to answer your questions.

"all I can think about is that intriguing ball of rubber bands." - Hypnotic, ain't it?
"I wonder how big it’s become today." - Not very
I wonder when they’ll run out of rubber bands. - No time soon, its a big-ass bag
I have some rubber bands I’ve been saving at home, I wonder if they want ‘em. - Sure. All we've got are the beige ones you see. If they are bands of color, bring them on, I say.
I wonder how many rubber bands are in that ball of rubber bands. - 143
I wonder why this is all I can think about. - You need a hobby?

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Anonymous said...

tell me more about this big assbag...