To the heady crowd today is a day of much celebration. But let's not allow the cannabis to cloud our minds (too much) because today is also the day my dog entered, Stage Left. Sofie turns 3 today. Yeah!

In human terms the typical tyke at this stage in the game is talking in complete sentences, weights in around 25 to 44 pounds, is sleeping anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a night, and is using the toilet with some help. Sof is the stark contrast of that in every way. She don't talk, she's a dog stupid. She is a slender 103 and averages 16 hours of sleep each day. The toilet thing she's had down for awhile now, although still does occasionally forget to flush.

If you take a sec and look at her specs she aligns more with someone in their late 70's. But she's a dog not a grandma and when you do all the computations she comes in at 21. Legal drinking age in most states. I do not condone the consumption of alcohol by canines so tonight I will drink to her vitality, prosperity, and longevity. I ask that you do the same.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Sophie!
spark it!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday you big cutest, weirdest dog ever!!! You are certainly special. Cheers to you.

kentucky smooth said...

What a day to be born! As they say in Milwaukee, "this Bud's for you!"