hell is most certainly a place without gymnastics

In refernce to the aforementioned "exercise", I think the short stories are all terribly interesting. I also think everyone would agree that what initially seemed like a fun little bit of literary erector set assemblage soon revealed itself to be quite the undertaking. To keep a cohesive idea moving along while following the "rules" took some mental manuvering to say the least.

Aside from the stories themselves, I had also looked forward to seeing how different people would interpret each word. We could not change the word at all; "mannequin" could not become "mannequins", "cohabit" could not assume "cohabiting" or "cohabitation", et cetera et cetera. But there was some wiggle room. I was interested to see if the earthy Kentucky Smooth would return to his rural roots and use his "stalk" to describe an unending field of corn, knee-high by the fourth of July. Would Fathand, the self-proclaimed "man who framed O.J." use the same word to describe how he followed Nicole and Ron back to that southern-California hacienda? No one knew, and that made it exciting.

I doff my urine-soaked stetson to all of you,

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