These Colors Are Brite: Debalt is a Communist

Fellow Peripheral Americans,
Please join with me now as I steer our lost brother back into the suburban garage of America's love. My dear friend Debalt, apparently ill with Falafel poisoning, wrote some ugly words about the recent apprehension of some corporate-sponsored terrorists:


Well let me say this to you Mr. Debalt. I've seen London and France and you sir are a communist Arab. Your recent show of support for those cartoon loving terrorist hooligans was quite Canadian. Sir. Read the article, their Judas light boxes were displaying the middle finger, middle finger! I don't know where you come from, but where I come from the middle finger means Fuck You! And Jesus only fucks on Sundays!

Here are my recommendations for alternate, Less Offensive images for terrorist to display on their Lite Brite Atomic Bomb Screens:

1. John Denver hugging a teddy bear.
2. Cindy Lauper riding bareback on an ostrich
3. Motley Crue gang raping the Olsen Twins
4. 7 tall midgets and 8 short ninjas
5. A martian buying gasoline from Jackie Chan
6. Women in love, with other women
7. The Distasteful Gentlemen
8. A nude crab tamer
9. A dirty martini with extra Britney Spears
10. Toad tits


w.j. DeBalt said...

Every time I mention a Lite Brite you start throwing words like "Communist" and "bread pudding" around. Why is that?

A flat top haircut and a nice little sickle collection do not necessarily make me a communist.

Mardi Gras said...
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Mardi Gras said...

Are you aware that "bread pudding" is also refered to as "spotted dick"? Mostly in England I believe.

SmithJ said...

Are you aware that spotted turtles, the male ones, have spotted dicks?

One time Ronald Reagan innocently told Gorbachev, "you look a lot like a spotted turtle." It took a well planned midnight CIA rescue mission to save Ronnie from the Soviet Spotted Dick Slap Death (SSDSD).


kentucky smooth said...

I for one, have never seen London...and I've never seen the queen in her damned undies as a fellow says. But I've known that lite bright is one of the many arms of the terrorist network since early childhood when my sister acquired one and used it to torture me with its complex array of colors and patterns.

On the finger note, perhaps another less offensive image for display on the LBABS
-Enstein humping like the devils jackhammer

SmithJ said...

Mr. Smooth,
Not sure how Einstein humps in Kentucky, but your observations have struck a mighty scientific note. Blessed be your Lite Brite vision. Strings Alive?. Strings Intended?.