Food for thought

Throughout my first 31 years I have enjoyed many wonderful meals. Some cling to my memory and I often wish I could enjoy them once again. Some of you may recall the Crawfish Monica from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Damn, that was a delightful dish served thoughtfully in disposable bowls. I have tried to recreate that meal as one I personally love very much. My own creation turned into a Crawfish Etouffee with Cheese. It's no Crawfish Monica, but a damn fine dish if I do say so myself. Others of you may recall a hamburger from The Shamrock in Utica before it burned down. Very nice burgers served there. Also, many of you have enjoyed a Red Coat Burger from the Red Coat Tavern. This particular hamburger does hamburgers everywhere quite proud. I too have enjoyed many a shushi roll that I strongly recommend. Chinese food is okay with me too. I fancy many of these Asian dishes: General Tsao's Chicken, Beef Ala Sczuan, Chow Mein, Ginger Chicken with Broccili, and even an Almond and Cashew Chicken from time to time. I will also enjoy the Thai variey if it is presented to me. My preference here is a Pad Thai, moderatly spicy! If I had my choice however I would prefer to cook at home on the grill proper. To me, a nice grilled hamburger is a slice of heaven. I enjoy mine with mayo, lettuce, pickles, and some red onion. If I'm feeling a little crazy I may even throw on a slice of American cheese and some ketchup and mustard. There are many ways to enjoy a grilled hamburger, and respect is given to each. If your personal choice is a burger topped with grilled mushrooms and onions and topped with some swiss cheese, well I say "hell yea!" There are many things I enjoy cooking. Burrito's, taco's, a wide variety of grilled chicken dishes, salmon, and yes...yes indeed, steak! My favorite dish, cooked at home just the way I like. I enjoy a good Filet Mignon, or usually just a NY Strip Steak. I like mine cooked to a nice medium rare...or maybe just a touch on the medium side of medium rare! Mashed potatoes are a must with this fine dish. Here, I go the extra butter route! Yum!! There is room for variety in the vegtable selection here. Some of my favorites are as follows: a nice blend of steamed carrots, zucchini, and squash; asparagus, corn on the cob, and brussels sprouts. I recently learned that I like brussels sprouts on a trip to Kalkaska. To top it all of, pour yourself a nice glass of red wine. I prefer a nice red zin or even a cabernet from california! My suggestion, keep the bottle close by. You will want a second glass, and you won't want to get up for it. It conclusion, no matter what your favorite fare may be, I say..."enjoy it!" Take your time eating and savor every bite!

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