7 of the 9 miniature epiphanies I had today.
(note: it's only noon)

1) Warm yogurt is good for no one.
2) Left handed people need to shut up about being left handed.
3) The wind is a bitch.
4) I look at digital clocks far too often at 11:28 for it to be a coincidence.
5) I think about the show Night Court a lot, and therefore Reinhold Weege.
6) Picture frames are way too expensive.
7) There should be a Kurt Vonnegut day. It should replace Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

what are you're other 2 mini epiphanies?

w.j. DeBalt said...

if you must know. my other two epiphanies were.
8) (more of a pondering than anything) how much asparagus can I eat before I vomit at the smell of my own urine. Conclusion, a lot.
8b) Eat a triple serving of asparagus next time I have to take a drug test.
9) I was thinking about how we are only now entering the "pepper" era when it comes to snack food. Salt has long been the bridesmaid when it comes to seasoning America's snacks. Now it is pepper's turn. Like your ugly cousin that you haven't seen since you were both 9 at that family reunion in Indiana, pepper has grown up, and oh my she looks a lot different. Pepper looks like a Weird Science-era Kelly LeBrock and she is just as tasty.
For exhibit A & B please see Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips and Salt & Pepper Cashews (from Target).

Thoughts? You peppery bitches!