kelly green

I have been thinking a lot about you lately.

I think you should wear more kelly green. It is a good color on you.

That old kelly green t-shirt that you used to wear. What ever happened to that thing? It used to seem so perfect with your dark hair and your big smile. You still do have dark hair don't you?

Remember when we used to bake cookies in your kitchen every Tuesday night? You would always be wearing that kelly green apron, with the little birds on it. You used to throw dough at me and being apronless I was defenseless. Do you still throw cookie dough at innocent bystanders?

Who could forget that beautiful day in late October, when the best snowball-making snow ever fell from the sky by the bushel. I never knew such joy as throwing snowballs at your head that day. The whole time I was focused on that kelly green hat and scarf you wore. It bounced around the yard like a bright kelly green target, inviting me to pelt the living crap out of your head and neck with snowballs. Do you still have that scar from the rock that somehow slipped in with that one snowball?

How about that time when I died your white cat kelly green for St. Patrick's day. That was awesome! I know that you didnt think it was funny at the time, but admit it, looking back that was hilarious. I am sorry about the bleach thing, I figure it works on socks... and that was the cats name right? I felt really bad about that and I bought you a new cat. Do you still have him?

Everytime I see a green Tic Tac I think of...

What? You never had dark hair? Or a little bird apron?
You have no scar on your face? You're allergic to cats?


I meant baby blue! I think you should wear more baby blue.

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