Stairway To Heaven Beat Me At Checkers

If I'm remembered for anything I hope that it is for my cerebral approach to blogging. Today's Hollywood bloggers, like Denzel Washington for instance, take a far too direct approach. Denzel would probably envision himself in an after dinner checkers match with Robert Plant. A match in which Plant screams "And as we wind on down the road", distracts Denzel, and pulls the Plant Family secret fake double-jump to a "King Me!". The two would argue, of course. But Robert is British and wears leather pants. King him Denzel.

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w.j. DeBalt said...

That's funny, this reminds me of the time when I was in the park. I had just decided that I was going to start jogging, and to really get in shape... I was stretching like they do on the ESPN 2 workout shows, when I looked over and saw Sherman Helmsley sitting on a bench with a checker board in his lap.
I couldn't pass it up, I went up to him and challenged him to a game. We played for hours, he is quite good. He did have one mildly annoying quirk to his checker playing, whenever he would get a kind he would shout, "MOVIN' ON UPPPAH!!!"... he would also blurt out things like "EAST-SIDE" and "DELUXE APARTMENT" and "IN THE SKY" whenever he would have a nice move. Seems weird, but it really wasn't, it was a great afternoon in the park. I never did go jogging, and I haven't been since, for that I thank Sherman Helmsley.