saving a life, or a freaky saturday night

Pull the dogs tongue and place it on one side of his mouth. Make sure to take out any foreign object that is obstructing the airway. If the dog has fallen into water, place him "face down" to get the water out of his lungs.
Lay the dog on his right side and place his head and neck on the floor as if the dog were looking forward in order to allow the maximum amount of air to go in. Place your hands around the dog's nose as if making an air bag with them. Put your lips on the "air bag" and blow without stopping for three seconds, this way your breath will go into the nose of the dog and fill his lungs with air. Rest for about two seconds and repeat again. Continue until the dog is able to breath on his own again.

Cardiac massages for a dog>
If a dog's heart stops beating, give the dog cardiac massages immediately. Do this by:

Place the inferior part of your palm over the left side of the dog's chest, right behind the dog's elbow. Place your other hand on top of this one and push with a downward and upward force, towards the dogs head.
Push on the dog three times very quickly and firmly. Then do CPR on the dog. You should alternate this in the following way: pump, pump, pump, breath etc. Each pump should be about one second of separation.
Repeat this whole sequence fifteen to twenty times per minute until you are able to hear the dog's heart beat. When you are able to feel the dogs heart beat, stop pumping and continue giving CPR to the dog while you are rushing to the veterinary clinic.
- seefido.com

Have fun, pervert.

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