scuttlebut at the o

Welcome, good to see you again. Have a seat, won’t you? Yes, that one there is fine.

What’s that? Lindsay Evans? Why yes, I have met her before. Delightful young woman, isn’t she? She fancies herself quite the gamer, you know…

No – not those kinds of games. Those are quite unsafe, I believe. No…I’ve heard something more like trivia, Scrabble, crossword puzzles – you know, the classics.

Hmm? Yes, you’re absolutely right! Hit the proverbial nail on the head, you have! She was a lucky find for the Proposal team. Quite an asset. Years of big agency writing for radio, TV, print…a freelance magazine and newspaper writer…quite diverse.


Yes. She’s written for all of those outlets.

Well now that you mention it, she actually has written a screenplay…the Olympics, I believe, though I’m not 100% on that. Something about a woman’s struggle to bake her way into the 2012 summer games…

No, I don’t think that would be a good idea - she’s married. Newlywed, in fact. Yes, I’m quite sure…perhaps a note of congratulations-slash-apology?

Ah, yes. Good point. Well now – would you care for a muffin? Or a scone perhaps? There’s a lovely tray of baked goods here.

That’s right, forgive me. And you know, that reminds me: Evans has family with celiac disease and nut allergies. It’s true. Forgive my use of the word, but there could be some synergy there.

What? Where are you going? Please sit back down…you have my word: I won’t pepper the conversation with any further “synergies.”

No, I don’t think it affects her. But you’re right - we should cancel the new hire walnut-and-gluten factory tour.

You must be going? I understand completely. Travis Dickens is not the type of man you keep waiting…stop by later, won’t you?

Yes, of course you will.

Ah yes, I almost forgot! Ice cream, cookies, cake, pie…

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