Oh me. Oh my.

Going on vacation allows you to take a break from the daily grind. Recharge your batteries, if you will. My recent vacation did grant me all that, but it also provided me with a glimpse into my soul.

I am not the kind, giving person I always thought I was. Instead my time away from home showed me that I am a selfish self-centered cad. This is not by choice. I point my finger at my environment, my upbringing. I was shaped this way. The whole nature versus nurture debate landing squarely in my lap as I sit unsuspectingly on the pot. Do I blame my parents or society as a whole? No. That would be an unfair judgment of their best intentions (my parents; society could give two shits). But now that I know of this crummy behavior and could change my despicable ways will I? On the contrary.

I suppose now is the best time to explain my behavior and what lead me to this realization. While starring at the ceiling of the Comfort Inn just outside Decatur Alabama for the second straight hour it hit me - I need two pillows under my head. Hey there moral cowboy put those pistols away! Let us not forget that he who throws stone better have good aim.

Now my so-called crime against humanity might sound tame to some but it's significants points to a much deeper issue. How could I lie there with two mounds of down cradling my noggin while some people in the world lie on a dirt floor. Mine is a life of privilege and prestige. I ought to be thankful that I am even able to have one pillow. And I am.

That is what this exercise has taught me. That is the point. You know gifts and the mouths of horses, or something along those lines. So as I snuggle in my bed tonight with two, count them two, pillows I will sleep easy, and thankful. And so should you. Nigh night.

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