Ocean Cowboy

Ocean Cowboy---
Western Swing was a tentacle on his mind.
Earth rose to meet sky in high toothy mountains.
He awoke confused and craving water, usually.
God forgave him, God forgave 'em.

Tuesdays was whiskey, Wednesday the same.
All of the time he left yesterday behind.
And slept out of habit and fear.
Frozen in time, slow in the mind.

Frozen time slow in the mind.
Swollen eye, true, is a sign of the times.
Frozen time slow in the mind.
Swollen eye pain and the many pretty stars shine.

Squelch and ears don't much time getalong,
Fiddles and banjos wrote the first song.
Fools and travelers wittle wood on a
Beautiful river that we like to roll around.

Frozen time slow in the mind.
Thirsty the horse and wild is divine.
Frozen time slow of the mind.
Electrify up tonight, share time in the moonlight.

Frozen time. Frozen time.
Cold moonlight.
Frozen time.

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