My Super Sunday

On Super Sunday, I went to a party, watched the Super Bowl and got super full, not to mention super drunk. It was a supernatural feeling being so super full and super drunk at the same time. I felt supercharged…no, that’s not the superlative I’m looking for its…supercilious, or superb. Anyway, I felt almost superhuman, similar to superman I certainly had superpowers of all kinds, superior to all my little underlings at the party including the superintendent of the local high school! I was felling superfine for sure, like the sugar.

Well now that I’ve supersaturated this joke to a superfluous level, I suppose I’ll stop before a supervisor supervenes. With any luck, a better blog will supersede this one.


Devildog Wrapper said...

How could you write this inanity without including superstition? it's a damn football game, after all.

damn - you were one dictionary away from making this post one word longer and no more "super."

Here's to lost opportunities.

kentucky smooth said...

Mr Wrapper,

I'm far too superstitious to believe that super is as super does. However, thank you for pointing out this supersized blunder.