Give My Love To The Ghanains

A friend of mine works for a large software company. He received this email from a customer. As he says "totally out of the blue, no explanation".

It reads:
People bad. Sun go away. I swear -- the day turned to night. Stars came out. Birds flew around in terror. The sun had turned to a black disk in the sky with feint aureola around the margins. I was panic-stricken. Didn't know if the Devil's wings were covering the Earth. Fortunately, the Ghanaians were with me. They told me it was only a total eclipse of the sun and not to worry -- the sun would come back to the sky in a moment. It was a phenomenon of the moon passing between us and the sun. Can you believe that? Scientists are full of crazyshit. I am going to wear a chicken's left foot around my neck, just in case. Whew!

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