Perspicuous in P

Puzzled with pattern? Perplexed by pondering? Then you might find this passage less than perspicuous. You could pass it on to the Pentagon but they would probably just persecute you. Perhaps they’d call you a pansy and pull on your ponytail, or poke you in the pupils. Either way their patronizing is bound to be pernicious. Personally I find politicians annoying. Their pessimism is nothing short of pointless. Have they considered the possibility that pointing out someone else’s problems is simply a perversion? Like they’re so privileged they can just say what they please. I get so peeved just thinking about it. Like the person I sold a cup of pee to as a boy, claiming it was lemonade. That guy was so pissed, pardon the pun. Sometimes I wonder if he told his parents. My folks would have peeled around the corner like they drove a Porche and picked a fight with his Papa. Of course my dad was no poltroon. In fact he was generally the protagonist in any competition. He’d pull peacocks from his pockets, pluck their feathers and use them as projectiles, pronouncing to the world his prominence in feats of strength. Anyway what do you expect from a pauper like my Pa, plainly he had something to prove.


fAtHanD said...

Preach on, preach on.

Devildog Wrapper said...

You forgot "perspicacious."