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Your Tardis has just materialized on the lawn of the White House in the year 1945. The stars and stripes are nowhere to be seen! Flying in their place are red flags emblazoned with a pecuilar cross. What in the name of finely sculpted miniatures is going on here?
Only in the brave new world of Doctor Who could such an adventure take place. I'm giving this new series 4 out of 5 Time Lords and also recommending that you scour the department store shelves for its another-saturday-night-alone companion, the Doctor Who Role Playing Game! With these adventures through time and space, social interaction will seem as foreign as Temporal Marauder fashion sense!

Still searching for the ultimate escape? How about an enchanting young acress realizing her own fantasy, cavorting with unicorns and consorting with pixies? Mia Sara steps out: "I always find fantasy a comfortable environment, quite frankly. I get caught up in it frequently. I think fantasy is wonderful." This is one fantasy that's sure to sizzle this summer as Mia appears opposite another up and comer, the tall drink of water that responds to "Tom Cruise", in Ridley Scott's Legend.

Put that stereo down and get out of the bathtub! Beautiful enamel on "gold" Star Trek pins are now available. Approximately 1" wide, you too can appear to be master of all galaxies you survey with Klingon Ranks (Admiral and Captain), Star Trek Executive Insignia w/ Logo, and the highly coveted United Federation of Planets symbol. Why open your mouth and instantly condemn your feeble attempts at conversation with the petite brunette that rides A1 Line each business day? Remember? The one you followed at a reasonable, yet criminally invasive distance? From now on these hot commemorative lapel enhacers will say everything that needs to be said.

News Flash America!
Japan + Animation = JAPANIMATION! Giant robots, space boys, and wide-eyed teen heroes zoom onto syndicated television as Japanese science-fiction cartoons amaze America! Glimpse into a future of eastern-tinged television programming that screams latent sexuality and $2 voice-overs. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming marvels like Force Five, Thunderbirds 2086, and Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

Anyone else had their lives completely confiscated by NBC's spine-tingler V??? These Visitors (get it??) are mean, nasty, and they're lizards, to boot! Not only that, but they want mankind - for lunch! That plot line is a recipe that will have us all lining up for seconds in the chow line. And how about Lydia and Diane (June Chadwick and Jande Badler)? Beautiful and bitchy! I love it!

Sadly, that will have to do it for this edition of Entertainment Update. My Kobayashi Maru Neutronic Fuel Carrier manual arrived today and I'm literally wet with anticipation! Not to rub it in, but this little baby reveals all the details about this mysterious unseen ship from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Until next time then, loyal readers, this has been your Man of Action, Man of Bronze bringing you all the latest, all the greatest.

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